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by nícia cruz

sunday love: signs, coincidences and writing

every sunday i will present you with the most inspiring articles i read through the week. this will serve to share the love, to pay it forward, and at the same time giving you a sweet-peek of my newsletter.

johanna talks about signs, how to see them and take action. this actually came at the exact right time i needed it. consider this a sign. (;

rhi tells the story of how she saved her daughter, because she is autistic. i’d love to read more stories like this, most mental disorders are misunderstood and lead to misconception…

mary oliver on what attention really means and her moving elegy for her soul mate, by brainpickings: the title says it all.

36 killler writing tips from stephen king, on millionaire’s digest: if you’d like to write fiction you can’t miss this! a not so jaded life made a great job on this one.

the 6 best spiritual teachings of wayne dyer to help us get over ourselves, an excellent article on elephant journal with some big life lessons.

35 copywriting tips & tricks from the pros, on millionaire’s digest (by a not so jaded life): you have to bookmark this one. it’s so deep and with so many great tips, you’ll want to savor it slowly.

there are no coincidences, things happen for a reason, on millionaire’s digest: a touching story by positive people army {this will not be the last time you’ll hear about them (;}

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