rrrepeat best albums of 2017

Its our favorite time of the year here at rrrepeat, where we look back on all of the incredible music thats been released over the last 12 months. 2017 has been an an insane year for indie and hip hop music; tons of newcomers and some heavyweights that have raised the bar. We don’t rank the top 10 or honorable mentions; all these albums are definitely worth a listen. Lets get to the list:

  • Capacity Big Thief

    As stale as indie folk might be right now, leave it to a band from Brooklyn to give a fresh take on the genre. Big Thiefs sophomore album is as exciting as it is relaxing; it rests much more on the folk side than their previous effort but retains that bright sincerity thanks to Adrienne Lankers incredible voice. Listen to this one as you hang out by the fire this winter.

  • Apocalipstick Cherry Glazerr

    Cherry Glazerr took on a more refined style with Apocalipstick. With their talent, refinement isn't an issue with this punk rock quartet; they kept their pace and ferocity while adding some finesse in each aspect musically and vocally. This album gets bonus points for their out of this world shows in support of the album.

  • Popular Manipulations The Districts

    We were floored by The Districts passion and conviction in our review on Popular Manipulations. This is a hard hitting album that is backed up by some stellar vocal and lyrical work. One of our favorite songs of the year, "Violet," is the embodiment of The Districts distinct rock style,

  • Crack Up Fleet Foxes

    What an incredible comeback album for the band. Robin Pecknold could have easily relied on what worked for their previous albums, but instead added a bit of experimental folk music using some interesting instrumental combinations. It is an epic, sprawling album of folk rock landscapes that requires multiple listens.

  • Routines Hoops

    In our review, we lauded Hoops for using their influences to create something new and wholly original in Routines. We found their talent and versatility, coming from such a new band, refreshing and exciting. "Burden" is one of our favorite songs of the year and it features their incredible musicianship perfectly.

  • Everybody Works Jay Som

    There is no sophomore slump for Jay Som with her borderline punk album Everybody Works. This is a deeply intimate album and it shows in every aspect; instruments are played with conviction, lyrics are well thought out and her voice is as charming as ever. At only 22, Everybody Works is the coming out party for an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and storyteller.

  • DAMN. Kendrick Lamar

    They call him King Kendrick for a reason. Kung Fu Kenny went back to his roots a la Section 80 with a heavily produced, hard hitting album. There is something to be said about every song; from the banger to rule all bangers HUMBLE. to the smooth as hell LOYALTY featuring one of Rhiannas GOAT verses, to the totally random U2 feature on XXX that totally works. Kendrick showed us that he's the king of hip hop, by far, with DAMN.

  • The OOZ King Krule

    At first listen, this album was a chore to get through. The OOZ is a 19 song marathon of intense mood swings and very experimental electro blues. It required a few listen, but this album is one that sticks with us this year. King Krule manages to dive into a deeper emotional chasm than on previous efforts, which is always exciting from this talented of an artist.

  • Big Fish Theory Vince Staples

    We loved the production on this album and hailed it as the future of rap music. Vince really broke the wall separating truly experimental and unique production with hard hitting rhymes. His song "Yeah Right" with Kendrick Lamar produced by Flume and SOPHIE is one of our favorite songs of the year. Be sure to check out our review.

  • Mister Mellow Washed Out

    Mister Mellow was a huge and pleasant surprise from Washed Out. We expected more of the same lofi, chillwave goodness from Ernest Greene, but we got something much more. We praised his integration of more instruments as he cast aside his mostly synth production from previous efforts. You still know it's Washed Out when you listen to Mister Mellow, but you realize that his is a huge step into new musical territory for him.