rrrepeat : connecting stories

say hi!

by nícia cruz


don’t let yourself be in the cold, enter, enter! it’s always good to see a friend knocking on our door. take a sit and tell me about you, i’m all ears.

if you don’t know how, or even where to start – don’t worry, i’ve got your back.

each of us have an entire universe to be explored. and here is the perfect place to do it. pick your diary or journal, take your notebook or your mind for a second and share what’s in it with us. let us know about your passions, your achievements, your struggles, what inspires you, what makes yourself you! open that chest of wonders, or even your pandora box. we’re here to listen and to grow with you.

if it will be easier, i can interview you or we can have a talk. you can also become a regular contributor (just say it so!). also, invite your friends to share their own stories. 😉

can’t wait to get to know you! (click on ‘tell me’ and you’re ready to rock)



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