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by nícia cruz

i’m a storyteller and i have a big dream: to travel the world in search for stories. your stories.

i want to be with you. to connect with you at a deep level. to see how you live, how you think, what inspires you. and then share a bit of your world with the world.

how can you help me? there are many ways, some are free and some are cheap.

tell me a bit about yourself and share this project with five of your friends

{the more people know about this, the easier will be for us to do something good!}

recommend other awesome people i can interview, talk with and share their stories

> comment on my posts + give feedback

{any criticism will help me to get better}

ask me for a coffee so we can have a little chat

{if you are somewhere at oporto!}

have me at your home // i just need a place to rest and a nice meal

{right now i’m not able to go too far away, but we never know!}

donate a small amount of money {paypal.me} / or gift me with one of this stuff  >> you can track them all! 

{so i can keep the site up, travel to places and meet new people}

purchase my visual-poems and let people know how much you like them {i hope you do!}


thank you so much for all your kind words, donations and stories. you are truly a magical person. <3

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