rrrepeat : connecting stories


by nícia cruz

we connect people by their stories. because every story is worth to be told. every story is meant to be shared. 

what you do today, will be your story tomorrow. telling your story gives you the power to understand better the situation you’re in. or to find another perspective, another way. not only are you helping yourself, but also others that might be in a similar path.

our mission is to gather people around stories. to create bonfires by the summer sunset. gathering circles until past midnight. picnics at the nearby park. skype chats. long e-mail conversations. letter-writing.

together, we will create a safe place to share our intimate self, our experiences, our lessons. together we’ll get to know about our different personas, the details that defines us, our rituals, the small events that makes us happy, or makes us down. together we will find solutions, we’ll feel supported, and cared for.

what kind of stories most touch our hearts? what feelings do we want to share? what will inspire us?

//blossom: the stories that have made you grow, so we can grow with you

//mindset: the stories that made you put things into perspective, so we can put ours as well

//innovation: the ones that changed the way you feel and think, so we can shift ours

//vision: the a-ha moments, the epiphanies – we’ll have them too

//discomfort: what hurts you, or did in the past, the prisons you’ve escaped, or are still trying to – so we can help each other and bring solutions to the table

//alienation: the i-feel-lonely moments, the i’m-so-different thoughts, the i’m-not-good-enough paralysis, so none of us will reach that point ever again and know how to control our minds

//uncertainty: the risks you’ve taken and where it led you, so we are inspired to take the next step to our dreams

//opportunity: the bad situations you overcame, so we can not only survive, but live in a meaningful way

//patterns: the habits you changed, the lifestyle you’re living, the values you hold dear – so we can be better people

//you: everything and anything that makes you uniquely you – as there’s nothing more beautiful than to know our deepest self {that means you can share your story in any medium you feel more comfortable here, diversity is awesome!}

it is by stories that we learn. it is by stories that we grow. it is in stories that we live by. get the details, and send us a bit of yourself, we promise to take well care of it. <3

and, if you read this until the end, wow! you’re awesome. <3 also, support us, so our stories will live for many, many years.

keep the magic rolling, my friend.


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