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christmas stories and grateful words

 by nícia cruz

either you celebrate christmas, or not, believe in god or not, this is a very special season. we feel grateful, kind, vibrant. magic seems all around us: white snow, blinking streets, joyful songs. we think about family and friends. we think about love and kindness. it’s the gift season.

today i’m grateful for having my own little family. to be alive and healthy. to live in this time and space, and be able to communicate in so many ways and do so many incredible things. i’m grateful for having people that love me and that i can love back.  i’m grateful for all the challenges life throw at me, that makes me grow. for all the lessons. for all the surprises. for all the good food. for all the happiness. for all the people that have come and gone, but specially for those who stayed. i’m grateful for death. and this is a very strange thing to be thankful for. but it is death that makes me enjoy life so much. if this was eternity i wouldn’t take the most of what i am and what i have. i’m thankful for having you reading this words of mine, you don’t know what that means to me. i’m thankful for days at the sun, and moonlight nights. for rainy days reading books, and lazy days doing nothing. i’m grateful for being inspired and be able to create. i’m grateful for the wordpress community, that is so kind and teaches me so much. i’m grateful for stories. i’m grateful for what may come.

what are you grateful for?

this post was inspired by lay3ers of z3n, thank you for being a miracle! before you go, why not sharing your christmas story? i created a special event just for that, the idea is to show the kindness and love in this world, and feature it on the blog. overflow me with words, photos and videos. i’m waiting for your email. be magic, my friend.

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