rrrepeat : connecting stories


by nícia cruz

Welcome to new adventures!

Reading blog posts is very easy, but it won’t change you if it’s the only thing you do. That’s why I created the Projects page. I want you to put your hands, and head, and all your body in the dirt, to add some water on it and start doing stuff that matters to you and that will change your life.

There are many ways you can do it, let me show you around:

The Failing Corner is your safe place to do whatever you want by having the permission to fail hard. The more you’ll fail, the more proud we’ll be of you.

The Travelling Notebooks is a project I joined in a Facebook Group called Letterworms, but I want to take it outside. Every notebook will have a theme and you can fill the pages whenever you want.

The DS106 is actually a former online course that transformed in a huge Digital Storytelling platform. You can read all about it here. I’ve joined and I invite you to do the same. Here I’ll put all the Daily Create prompts I dare myself to enroll.

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