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Travelling Notebooks

by nícia cruz

The Travelling Notebooks is a project I joined in a Facebook Group called Letterworms, but I want to take it outside.

A Travelling Notebook is, well, a notebook that travels. Haha. Now, seriously. Usually it has a theme and people can join and participate on it. Travelling Notebooks is a way to express yourself in a creative way, while contributing to a more kind world. Also, you’ll spark joy to whatever hands it will be on.

How this makes you more confident?

You’ll participate on something bigger than you (like being a human in the entire Universe) and you’ll see the result of it: how it embellishes the notebook, how people will be inspired by it, how your contribution is so valuable.

My twist on it will be: from time to time, the notebook won’t return to my hands. It will be with one of the persons that engaged on it or… someone else. Of course I won’t tell you when that happens, or everyone will want to be the last person to participate on it. 😉

Right now, I have an Happy Travelling Notebook going around the world. You’re still able to join if you want. Just send me an e-mail with the subject “Happy Notebook”. Or just fill out this form:

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