rrrepeat : connecting stories

thankful for dying, grateful for being alive

let me know…

if you were to live forever

would you love as much as you do?

would you help the ones in need?

would you have children to take care of?

would you enjoy a sunset, a rainbow, the aurora?

would you chase your dreams?

would you value the people in your life?

would you try to be better and do better?

would you enjoy your every moment…


would you find the whole thing





death is a gift, even if it doesn’t feel like it. it took me +30 years to realize this. i was so afraid of dying, i didn’t sleep. that way i could enjoy my life. but i didn’t, as every moment i was aching. and trying to understand why did i born, if i had to die. why did i have to die, if life had so much to give and a lifetime wasn’t enough to receive it all.

but having our days counted, gives us context. gives us something to aspire to. gives us meaning.

would you dream if life was granted?

would you take care of your relationships if you had forever to show you care?

would you enjoy your existence, would you feel special for being alive, would you be thankful for having this opportunity?

think about it. 😉 {inspired by lion’s roar on help + buddhism}


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