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the white frame

on the spotlight, there it is: the frame that keeps a precious moment of my life. i’m holding my 3-week-old son. every time i look at it, i miss seeing his father. leo just exists because he exists, because our love exists.

on that day, my hair was dirty, something very natural that time, and on the many following weeks. but i had a smile on my face, and a bright light in my eyes. the best things can’t be photoshoped.

the frame has leaves of hope and twisted lines, which remembers me what my life always has been: a tangle of events and emotions, to which i couldn’t always respond on the best way.

being a mother has been the most challenging experience as a human being. i already knew about the great responsibility of raising a child, but i had no idea of how it stirs our selves. up to down, left to right, outside to inside. so many fears reach the surface, so many love that involve us. everything is too much, and the time is so little!

i often ask myself if i’m enjoying motherhood the most i can, if i’m doing the best i can, if i’m taking all the lessons i can.

leo is a happy child, that’s all that matters. and this frame is here to remember me that most of the time it’s just the two of us, having magical moments that are just ours. and that we have an incredible luck to have each other.

i need to thank the photographer, for capturing our happiness. and to my group of friends for giving me something as beautiful, precious and unforgettable!

{this was written in response to wordpress writing challenge: object; along with your stories i’ll be posting my poems and other writing exercises – always trying to leave a message or tell you about something magical in my life. be sure to comment and share if you enjoy it!}

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